General Construction

W&J Construction Ltd. undertakes many tasks with our own equipment and man power. This includes skills in managing, organizing and scheduling all sub-trades and material involved. In many cases, W&J Construction Ltd. has undertaken many sub-contracting duties (trades) on our projects including:

  • framing
  • mechanical
  • roofing
  • insulation
  • siding
  • flooring
  • finishing
  • painting
  • drywall

W&J Construction Ltd. works closely with our sub-contractors and in many cases assists and performs some of their duties.

W & J Construction Ltd. is a top-level construction company with a skilled management and on-site team for the most demanding works. W & J Construction Ltd. employs its own laborers working closely with W&J’s on-site superintendent supported by the work of the specialized sub-contractors in the departments of excavating, cement work (foundations), framing, roofing, drywalling, painting, flooring, plumbing and electrical.

W&J Construction staff