Excavation & Servicing

W&J Construction Ltd. has the experience, expertise, equipment and skilled manpower to undertake the installation of all underground services and all site excavation.

W&J Construction Ltd. utilizes our own heavy equipment such as excavators, loaders (large three yard bucket) small (bobcats, track machines), compaction equipment both large (ridem) to small tampers.

We also have a large array of support equipment ranging from zoom booms, manlifts, to on-site equipment containers full of construction tools. W&J Construction Ltd. is fully equipped with lasers, both level and grade shooting, to fulfill all servicing needs.

W&J Construction Ltd. performs duties such as:

  • clearing and grubbing
  • site preparation
  • building excavation
  • road preparation
  • parking lot preparation
  • sanitary sewer installation
  • storm sewer installation
  • manhole installation
  • water mains with valves
  • fire hydrant
  • electrical conduit
  • TR & cable conduits
  • Transformer pad installation
  • Elevator shafts
  • Installation of sump pumps and retention ponds